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Summit Power Fund, LLC
506(c) Offering Platform


SPF is offering investors the opportunity to contribute capital in exchange for a very attractive return. The company is projecting that through careful planning and deployment of the development capital ($10M dollar target) the investors will achieve between 220% and 180% return on capital depending on their tranche of investment.

The Fund will study up to ten new utility scale solar sites with existing interconnection infrastructure and viable land areas (i.e. substation studies, land analysis, utility queue positions, market analysis etc.). Once this has been achieved, S.P.F will begin development on the best performing three project areas (approximately 600MW PV solar plus energy storage on 4,000 acres of land control). S.P.F’s main objective is to deliver a renewable energy project portfolio targeting 600 MW of shovel-ready utility-scale assets.

Each Project LLC will be developed by the S.P.F. management team for a period of 2-5 years and then sold off to Independent Power Producers or other developers. The Fund plans to compensate investors at the time of the subsidiary sale. Over $50 billion of electric grid infrastructure lies dormant outside the gates of retiring coal and gas fired power plants and S.P.F. is positioned to backfill this need. Shasta Power and the Summit Power Fund is a unified effort of Base Energy, Clean USA Power, Coyote Worx and others to re-purpose yesterday’s power infrastructure and connect it to limitless energy next door.

4 GW of utility-scale energy storage was commissioned in 2020. More than double that is expected in 2021.

according 1H 2019 Energy Storage Outlook,” Bloomberg NEF, Feb 2019

Summit Power Fund, LLC
506(c) Offering Platform

summary of operations

The Fund has three reputable development partners; Base Energy, LLC, Clean USA Power, Inc, and Coyote Worx, LLC. The development partners raised $2.6 million for a 200 MW solar plus energy storage project covering 1450 acres in California that they developed and sold at mid-stage. The development team has broad experience developing more than 2GW of solar and energy storage assets, and currently manages over $10 million in solar real estate funds. The Fund’s Management Team has targeted assets across a diverse geography of renewable friendly markets targeting fossil fuel replacement. Each solar project will be their own LLC (subsidiaries) which will be owned, operated and funded by the S.P.F. parent company.


Near Term

The team will establish site control, perform diligence, take interconnection positions and market the power.

Medium Term

The team will focus on optimizing the project portfolio in preparation for Investment Tax Credit (ITC) step down. S.P.F will continue to develop assets, complete environmental assessments, entitlements, finalize engineering designs and procurement negotiations.

Long Term

The team will be executing interconnection agreements and Power Purchase Agreements with utilities and identifying exit strategies for the portfolio and individual assets achieving Notice To Proceed.

Some analysts have started predicting that the U.S. power sector is approaching peak natural gas. That would leave room for solar-panel installations to build on the ongoing boom. | "The 10 Ways Renewable Energy’s Boom Year Will Shape 2021", Brian Eckhouse, Will Mathis, and Dan Murtaugh , January 6, 2021

Summit Power Fund, LLC
506(c) Offering Platform

Company Management Team

The Company is currently managed by seasoned business and sector professionals dedicated to the success of the Company and efficient execution of its planned operations.

Boris Feldman

Boris Feldman

Development Manager

Mr. Feldman founded Base Energy, LLC. Prior to establishing Base Energy, Boris Feldman was the Director of US Development at Canadian Solar where he was responsible for leading the Utility and Distributed Generation Projects including strategy development, implementation, and team management. The US project development team originated and contracted over 250 Megawatts of solar projects. In addition, Mr. Feldman was a key member responsible for the $265 Million dollar acquisition of Recurrent Energy, one of the largest renewable energy development companies in the US. With the acquisition of Recurrent Energy, Canadian Solar’s global project portfolio grew to over 1 Gigawatt.

Boris was also the Americas Sales Manager at Solar Frontier, the Japanese subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell. where he closed over $100 Million dollars in sales of utility and commercial projects including the largest CIGS project in the world, EDF’s Catalina Solar. Mr. Feldman started his career in solar with Sharp Electronics Solar Division where he grew sales in the commercial segment to $100 Million dollars by partnering with national and regional EPCs and developers on projects across the country.

Boris holds an MBA from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business, and a BA from the University of California, Los Angeles. Mr. Feldman has participated in a number of industry panels and speaking engagements devoted to renewable and solar energy and is a strong advocate of expanding the clean energy economy.

John Copyak

John Copyak

Real Estate Manager

John Copyak, founded Clean USA Power, Inc., and is an experienced real estate investor specializing in renewable energy land leasing and sales since 2007. He manages over a thousand acres of wind and solar parcels using five different wind and solar investment companies.

John founded Clean USA Power, Inc. to improve wind and solar land control and provide long term income to investors. Purchasing land and then leasing or selling it to developers can greatly increase a project’s land mass and continuity. Land leases and options also create long term uncorrelated income to impact investors.

Previous endeavors:

  • President of Pacific Forest Land, Inc.; purchased and sold over 400 California properties
  • Software engineer at Motorola
  • Software analyst at Intel Corporation

John holds a B.S. in Finance and Accounting from the University of Arizona

Maxwell Leslie Roe

Maxwell Leslie Roe

Strategic Manager

Max Roe, founded Coyote Worx in 2019, a project management consulting company focused on commercial and renewable energy development. He is an experienced builder, real estate asset manager/investor, specializing in renewable energy with more than 10 years of industry experience.

Max started his career on construction sites starting at 15 in the Phoenix, AZ area. In his late teens he started his first handyman company while attending university in Flagstaff, AZ to put himself through college. He worked for various contractors across the Phoenix area learning on the job skills across many construction trades. In 2010, he moved to Colorado and worked for the largest privately owned property management company on the front range, Henderson Management. He worked up through the ranks to head the commercial real estate portfolio where he managed 400+ doors and more than 100,000 sqft of commercial space.

He moved to Bend Oregon in 2015 and started working with Clean USA Power. He helped Clean USA Power grow from $2.5M AUM to nearly $20M. Max and John Copyak continue work together on Clean USA Power and he was on the team that brought Angeles Summit 200 Mw solar project to sale in 2020.

He is a renewable energy real estate and development expert, with an emphasis on communication, private equity fundraising, negotiations, business and project management systems.

Production of solar energy happens only when there is sunshine. The storage comes in handy because the excess energy is stored and used during low-production hours. Solar installers are increasingly finding environmental and financial sense in installing solar panels and batteries for energy storage.

- | "Solar Energy Trends to Watch Out in 2021"

Summit Power Fund, LLC
506(c) Offering Platform

terms of the offering


Minimum Offering: $500,000

Minimum Investment: $50,000 (50 Units)

The Company is offering a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 10,000 Class A Membership Units at a price of $1,000 per Unit. Upon completion of the Offering between 500 and 10,000 Class A Membership Units will be issued.


Please complete the contact form and we will get back to you about any questions you have about our offering.

Summit Power Fund, LLC - 115 NW Oregon Avenue Suite 10 - Bend, OR 97703 — — (541) 728-0871

Summit Power Fund, LLC
506(c) Offering Platform

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